4 Nozzles Honey Bottle Filling Machines With Color Touch Screen Display

Detailed Product Description

Type:Filling MachinePackaging Material:Glass, Plastic
Voltage:220VPower:1.6 KW
Filing Nozzle:4Machine Size:L2000 *W1100 *H1650mm
High Light:4 head liquid filling machine, honey sachet packing machine

Automatic 4 Nozzles honey bottle filling capping machine

4 Nozzles Honey Bottle Filling Machines

Note: If you want other filling machine for syrup, e-liquid, honey, ketcup, etc, don't hesitate to contact us. We could customize for you.

Usage and Features

This machine is mainly used for syrup, honey, juice, wine, drinks, codliver oil, olive oil, essential oil, facial cleanser, shower gel, hair oil, ink, disinfectant, injection, laundry detergent and various medical liquid filling and capping.

1. Adopts plunger type metering pump filling, high precision;The structure of pump adopts fast disassembly institutions, easy to clean and disinfect.

2. PLC control system, color touch screen display.

3. This machine has function of no bottle no filling and automatic counting.

4. The filling nozzle was equipped withdrip-proof device.

5. When filling liquid, the filling nozzle dive into the bottom of bottle, rising slowly, it can effectively prevent bubbles.

6. Machine body and the parts contacting liquid are made of stainless steel, full compliance with GMP standard

4 Nozzles Honey Bottle Filling Machines

Technical Parameters

Filling nozzle46
Capacity10-40 bottles/min20-60 bottles/min
Filling volume50-1000ml50-1000ml
Filling accuracy≥98%≥98%
Power supply1ph 220V, 50/60Hz1ph 220V, 50/60Hz
Power1.6 KW1.9 KW
Overall dimension2200×1500×1650mm2300× 1500×1650mm
Net weight750kg800kg

Warranty and after-sale

• Instruction book with every set of machine (in English)

• Sent spare parts (breakable) for free when delivering machine

• Service and technical support time: lifelong

• Test videos will be provided

• Warranty: one year

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