Vertical Self – Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine For Medicine / Commodity / Foodstuff

Detailed Product Description

Product Name:Vertical Self-adhesive Labeling MachineLabeling Length:10-180mm
Machine Body:304 Stainless SteelBottel Diameter:18-100mm
Production Capacity:30-120 Bottles/minScreen:Touch Screen
Requirements:GMP RequireController:PLC
High Light:self adhesive labeling machine, fully automatic labeling machine

Automatic Labeling System Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator Round Containers Machine Labeler

Vertical Self - Adhesive Bottle Labeling Machine For Medicine


Vertical Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine is mostly applicable for the wrap-around labeling of round cylindrical containers for medicine, commodity, foodstuff, cultural supplies, electronics etc industries.

Machine Discription

Apply labels with precision and ease for consistent professional-looking products with the NPACK LT100 1 labeler. This fully automatic labeler is designed to apply one partial or wraparound label on round containers.

Versatile design to be integrated onto existing production lines or to work as self-contained standalone units. The LT100 series labelers are simple to operate, dependable, and economical to use; to label a wide variety of round containers including plastic, metal, glass, and fiber types.

Precise and Versatile

· Servomotor-driven label application head for high-precision label positioning

· Applies both partial and wrap around labels

· Labeling speed: 30 -100 lpm (depending on materials and application)

· Container diameter range: 0.72 – 4 inches (18 – 100 mm) Ø

· Label Length range: 0.4 – 11.8 inches (10 - 300 mm) L

· Label Height range: 0.4 – 5.9 inches (10 - 150 mm) H

· Label roll inner diameter:76mm

· Label roll outer diamter:≤360mm

· Applies one pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) label per cylindrical container

· Easy bottle / label set-up and changeover

A Complete Labeling Solution

· Integrated speed adjustable container separation module to assure correct bottle timing

· Equipped with dual OMRON optical sensors for opaque and printed labels

· Mitsubishi Brand PLC and dual-language (English & Chinese) Touchscreen Weilun Speed-adjustable wraparound label module for 360° perimeter application

· Includes a 6.5' long (2 meter) speed-adjustable conveyor with rust-proof plastic flat-top chain for stable container movement

· Adjustable guide rails

· Stainless steel and anodized aluminum body for machine protection and long-term use

Other Specifications

· Voltage: 220VAC/50-60 Hz 500W

· Machine Size: 2000 x 1200 x 1350 mm H

· Machine weight: 250 Kg (550 lb)

· Packaged Size: 2170 x 1070 x 1430 mm H

· Packaged Weight: 310 Kg (682 lb)

· Voltage: 220V/1Ph/50-60Hz

Available Options (inquire for availability)

· Hot Stamp Printing coder with base (prints characters directly onto the label)

· Clear Label Sensors (capable of detecting transparent labels)

· Bottle Unscrambler/ Rotative Motorized Table (Model shown, not included with labeler)

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