5-30ml Automatic Glass Dropper E Liquid Filling Machine


It is suitable for products of liquid such as e-liquid, eye drop,nail polish etc. It is widely applied for filling of products in such industries as food, cosmetics, medicine, grease, daily chemical industry, detergent, pesticide and chemical industry etc.

5-30ml Automatic Glass Dropper E Liquid Filling Machine

Applied Bottle5-200 ml
Productive Capacity30-80pcs/min
Filling Tolerance±1%
Qualified Stoppering≥99%
Qualified cap putting≥99%
Qualified capping≥99%
Power Supply380V ,50HZ
Net Weight500KG


1. This filling and capping machine is multi-function monoblock machine with compact design..

2. This machine applies to foodstuff, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical and pesticide industries.

4. The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen.

5. It applies piston/gear/ Peristaltic pump filling system.

6. Automatic cap sorters for press cap, spray pump cap, screw cap, alu. ROPP cap. Etc.

7. Flexible for all kinds of capping heads, screw, press, alu. Roll.

8. This filling and capping machine is a newly developed filling and capping machine. It can be used for many different kinds and specifications filling and capping.

9. It is ideal equipment for low-capacity requirement. It can tighten caps automatically.

10. All the parts which touch the material are made of high quality stainless steel, and the surface has been polished, no pollution to the surrounding.

11. The machine applies to GMP standard. It is accurate and handy. The tightening system also has functions of cap sorting.

Filling part: Adopt SS3004 filling nozzles and food grade Silicone tube.It's meet CE Standard.

Adopt Peristaltic pump: It's suitable for fluid filling.

Capping part: Put the dropper-put the cap-screw the caps.

Adopt magnetic torque screwing capping : sealing caps tight and no hurt to caps,capping nozzles is customized according to the caps

Adopt Cap Unscrambler, it's customized according to your caps and droppers.

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